MichaelBeerMichael Beer (Coordinator of PLENOSE UoL unit) is Professor of Uncertainty in Engineering at the Centre for Engineering Sustainability, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK and director of the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty. He possesses extensive R&D experience in the field of numerical methods for modelling and processing uncertainty over more than a decade. He has developed numerically efficient methods for stochastic simulation (e.g. Spanos et al. 2007) and has conducted research in the uncertainty analysis of offshore structures (e.g. Zhang et al. 2010). Beyond his research in the field of probabilistic mechanics, he has contributed widely to developments in imprecise probabilities, which caters for the challenging problem in the project when encountering discrepancy between available and required information for a reliable probabilistic modelling. His contributions include the development of a mathematical-engineering basis for use of generalized uncertainty models in engineering and respective numerical algorithms (Möller and Beer 2004, 2008). Further, the PI has developed a novel method for robust structural design based on generalized uncertainty models (Beer and Liebscher 2008), which was awarded with the CADLM Intelligent Optimal Design Prize 2007. He has also contributed to reliability-based design with probabilistic methods, together with Prof. Jensen (Jensen and Beer 2010). He was also a member of the Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE) in National University of Singapore. The PI’s overview and international recognition in the field of uncertainty modelling, uncertain structural analysis and reliability assessment has been demonstrated by several awards and invited talks. He is a member of the European Association for Structural Dynamics (Invited Member) and of the American Society of Civil Engineers (Charter Member).

Professor Michael Beer

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